In his seventh video, Fat Tubby makes his debut on the battle lines, and Coach Z addresses some comments he received recently. He then clears up more issues, then shows a clip showing Fat Tubby and a red monkey in the Factory. In the Lobby, the monkey only uses a seltzer bottle, and in the Boiler Room, he doesn't even join the battle. Before entering the Warehouse, Fat Tubby looks up his stats and sees that the monkey is probably trying to be a two Gag uber. If he is, he's doing it wrong avoiding all the fights. The next battles go as follows.

Warehouse: The monkey is in the fight from the start, and passes the whole time. After the fight, Coach Z makes a few good points about the situation, and sees that it's obvious the monkey is trying to collect Sellbot Suit Parts without working for them. Quite possibly, the monkey would then go to see the VP and make the rest of the team carry the load.

West Silo: The red monkey avoids the entire fight.

East Silo: See West Silo.

Central Silo Control Room: The red monkey goes into the fight from the start, possibly because Fat Tubby could have eliminated all the Cogs with a Level 7. However, Fat Tubby does not pick a gag to give the monkey a taste of his own medicine. In only two rounds, the monkey is defeated.

Starring: Fat Tubby

Cameos: Mr. Monkeyman and Bear With Me

Lessons: Don't sneak your way throught the Factory

This table shows the stats of Fat Tubby and the monkey.
Name Laff Notes
Fat Tubby 114 Coach Z's Helper
Mr. Monkey Man 18 Went sad in Central Silo Control Room


Coach Z received several comments saying he said Supervisor instead of Foreman. Presently, an annotation adresses this problem in the final battle.

This video has over 100,000 hits.

This marks Fat Tubby's first major appearance past his introduction.