Bear With Me is one of Coach Z's original three helpers, being the lowest and last introduced. He has been used for many mid-level topics like the Cashbot Mint and the laser puzzles in the DA's Office. 


For the first few videos, Bear With Me was the featured helper. He would sometimes record Coach Z himself. Bear With Me was basically a mid-level Toon with high gags for his Laff. Because he is still developing, his Laff and gags are constantly changing.

In Coach Z's first lesson, Bear With Me didn't come anywhere close to going sad, and did beneficial things for the team.

In the Mint, Bear With Me came very close to going sad with only 10 Laff left. So in the next round, he was forced to pull out his Wedding Cake and return to the playground.

In the first part of Coach Z's third lesson, Bear With Me came even closer to going sad than in the mint, having only 3 Laff at the end of the round. Luckily, things went okay for the rest of the building.

In the discussion video, Bear With Me goes to the Mint again, and goes sad on the second group of Cogs.

Over time, Bear With Me becomes a four gag uber, and the highest Laff member of Coach Z's Uber Squad.


Out of Coach Z's original helpers, Bear With Me was the only helper who was not a cat.

Bear With Me is a pun on the saying "bear with me".

Bear With Me was introduced in the Minnie's Melodyland playground.

In his introduction, Coach Z said that he was a former uber.

Bear With Me has only gone sad once in a video.

Bear With Me was originally a brown bear but was later changed to a white colored bear in ToonTown Rewritten.