Coach Z started off his series of videos with three helpers: Fat Peanut Picklepop, Fat Tubby, and Bear With Me. Later on, in Coach Z Meets His New Recruit, he picked up Dipper, a somewhat weaker Toon than Bear With Me. Eventually, Coach Z restarted both Bear With Me and Dipper to make them 4 Gag and 3 Gag ubers respectively. He then recruited a 2 Gag uber, Applesauce. Then, a long time later, a Toon named Silent Joe was made to show examples of soundless Toons in battle.

The table shows all six of Coach Z's helpers.
Name Laff Notes
Fat Peanut Picklepop 125 Highest, doesn't have Drop
Fat Tubby 115 Second highest, doesn't have Trap, only one to have not gone sad.
Bear With Me 34 (started with 52 before uber), 85 before Uber Era 4 Gag Uber, Uber Squad Member
Dipper 25 (started with 43 before uber) 3 Gag Uber, Uber Squad Member
Applesauce 15 2 Gag Uber, Uber Squad Member
Silent Joe 15 (possibly) Intended to be Soundless

Fat Peanut Picklepop and Fat Tubby are both fat cats (FPP being blue and FT being black), Bear With Me and Dipper are bears (Bear With Me is brown and Dipper is yellow), Applesauce is a pig (peach-colored), while Silent Joe, according to Final Video for DISNEY'S Toontown, is a green pig. While Silent Joe's physical appeearnce is never seen, it's likely he's short and fat like the other five.