In his sixth video, Fat Peanut Picklepop makes his debut on the battle lines while Coach Z explains three examples of how to prevent Cog damage: destroy the Cog in one round, lure the Cogs, hurry your gag choice when a Cog is coming out of the elevator in a building. We then find Fat Peanut Picklepop with three other Toons in a 5-story Lawbot Building in The Brrrgh.

Floor 1: On the first Cog, everyone uses throw, and it goes down. However, this is the highest point in the battle. From there, it goes downhill. A second Cog shows up, and with some difficulty, the Cog is destroyed.

Floor 2: All of this floor but the first round is cut from the video. The rabbit in the group uses a bamboo cane when he is the only one hurt.

Floor 3: The dog in the group starts to complain for a Toon-up, and a Cog comes out of the elevator, and only FPP gets his gag choice in before it gets there. The team takes massive damage, but with the help of Peanut and the cat, they get back in the game. Then another Cog comes out of the elevator, and the cat learns from her mistake and hurries, but the dog and rabbit still have trouble catching on. Because the rabbit doesn't hurry, he takes 10 more damage, then uses sound on a lured Cog in the next round.

Floor 4: Peanut and the cat use squirt because it has a better accuracy than throw. However, the dog and the rabbit choose throw instead, which misses. Then three Cogs come out of the elevator, and everyone hurries except for the rabbit, not to mention he uses sound again. The team gets hit really bad, and the rabbit continues on his sound spamming addiction despite Peanut's attempts to lure the Cogs with Hypno Goggles. The dog continues begging for Toon-ups, and the cat goes sad. In the last round that the team does, Peanut does a lure, but the rabbit pulls out another Aoogah, and the dog doesn't hurry, so not only does the lure get undone, but the last three Toons go sad.

Floor 5: All the Toons went sad before the fifth floor.

Lessons: DON'T USE SOUND ON LURED COGS! and Hurry! means Hurry!

Starring: Fat Peanut Picklepop

Cameos: Trixie Hulapoof, King Cliff Dizzenhoffer, Doctor Boo Boo Bananaflip, Bear With Me

The following table shows the four Toons featured in the video.
Name Laff Before Going Sad Notes
Fat Peanut Picklepop 10/124 Coach Z's Helper, shrinks before the dog
Trixie Hulapoof 13/58 Went sad first, fast learner
King Cliff Dizzenhoffer 9/54 Toon-up whiner, shrank after Peanut
Doctor Boo Boo Bananaflip 1/62 Went sad second, used sound on lured Cogs


This is the first video where Coach Z's helper and all of the other Toons go sad.

This video has nearly 137,000 hits, the number you get if you multiply 137 by 1,000. Also, 137 is the max Laff in Toontown and how many giggleberries it takes to make a fruit pie.