Coach Zucchini Introduces Himself is the very first of Coach Z's 46 videos. In this video, the Coach introduces himself and his three original helpers at the time: Fat Peanut Picklepop, Fat Tubby, and Bear With Me respectively. He explains all of the basics about why he created the blog and how he will teach Toons to fight better.


Fat Peanut Picklepop's Laff Meter can be seen in the bottom left corner, so he recorded the video.

Fat Peanut Picklepop is introduced in the Squash and Stretch Gym, Coach Z's building.

Fat Tubby is introduced in the Playground in Daisy Gardens, the neighborhood where Coach Z's building is located.

Bear With Me is introduced in Minnie's Melodyland.

Coach Z reveals that Bear With Me was a former uber during his introduction.

The video is a minute and 20 seconds long.

The video has 59,470 views so far.