In his fourth video, Coach Z explains what happens when Toons try to develop low level gags on high level Cogs. He demonstrates this with a 5-story Lawbot Building in Donald's Dreamland. The following events take place on the five floors:

Floor 1: This was cut from the video, but Coach Z states that there were two high level Cogs there.

Floor 2: Most of this floor was cut from the video as well, but the dog in the group chose a bike horn, foreshadowing more bad gag choices.

Floor 3: The dog uses Banana Peels and Rakes early in the battle, loosing Cogs from lures and allowing them to hit the team with group damage in the process. Bear With Me is soon reduced to just 3 Laff, and the dog brings out yet another bike horn.

Floor 4: The dog continues to abuse the lures being used to develop trap, but the floor is cleared.

Floor 5: The dog starts to correct his bike horn addiction but ends up using throw while the other three Toons use squirt, causing the Cog to strike back, fortunately missing. On the very last Cog, the dog pulls out yet another bike horn despite the fact that if another Toon had joined Bear With Me with throw, the Cog would get destroyed. Due to this, the Cog is left with 1 HP.

Lessons: Using low level gags against high level Cogs is selfish play and shouldn't be done

Starring: Bear With Me

Cameos: Pigenstein, Slumpy Jabberwoof, Cool Monty Biggendoodle

The following table shows the team of four that were featured in the video.
Name Laff Notes
Bear With Me 61 Coach Z's Helper, lowest Laff
Pigenstein 103 High Toon
Cool Monty Biggendoodle 65 Yellow mouse
Slumpy Jabberwoof 64

Tried to develop Trap and Sound


Slumpy Jabberwoof received the Selfish Player of the Day Award.

Due to a comment, an annotation shows that the dog had no Sound points.

The dog got Marbles, not that he should have developed his Trap.

Bear With Me recorded Coach Z.

This is the third Bear With Me video.

After Coach Z signs off, there is blackness for another minute.

This is the earliest video that received over 100,000 hits.

This is one part of the lesson. The next part is posted far later in the series.