In his third video, Coach Z sends Bear With Me on an investigation about Toons going into the Cashbot Mint when they really have no reason for it. Bear With Me joins three other Toons on a Coin Mint run, and they go to the first room, which contains 16 Cogs. The battle doesn't start out well at all when two Toons show up hurt, and none of them are even 48 Laffers. After one round, Bear With Me is reduced from 52 to 10 Laff, extremely close to going sad. Due to having three Level 7 Gags and not wanting to lose them, he is forced to pull out his Wedding Cake, which defeats all the Cogs. However, with only 16 Laff left from a Toon-up, he has no other choice but to return to the Playground. However, he stuck around to see what the others would do. They eventually faced the second group of Cogs, and while there was no footage, all three went sad.

Lessons: Stay out of all Cog Facilities until told to go there

Starring: Bear With Me

Cameos: Zmaster, Toby, Sonic

This table shows all of the Toons who went into the MInt.
Name Laff Notes
Bear With Me 52 Coach Z's Helper
Zmaster 37 Showed up hurt
Toby 37 Appears to have Toon-up
Sonic 47 Showed up hurt


Sonic was the only other Toon that was hit by a Cog in the first round.

All of the Toons were dogs, with the exception of Bear With Me.

This is the second Bear With Me video, and the first time he recorded Coach Z.

Bear With Me's Level 7's are Opera Voice, Wedding Cake, and Geyser.

This is the only one of Coach Z's videos that have one of his helpers use a level 7 gag.

Zmaster received Coach Z's Bad Gag Choice Award.

This video received over 110,000 views.