In his ninth video, Coach Z addresses some common questions that he has been asked, and then decides to show Toons how to solo the Factory, using Fat Tubby to demonstrate. The route covers the entire Factory. Fat Tubby goes through all of the rooms as follows:

Lobby: Fat Tubby uses a group Lure, then uses two fire hoses and a cream pie to finish up.

Gear Room: Fat Tubby engages the Cogs again, but makes a slight error, causing him to take a point of damage and use five gags rather than 3.

Boiler Room: Fat Tubby uses lure and throw, and restocks a birthday cake and four cream pies with the cake barrel in the hall connecting the Lobby to the Lobby Hallway.

Warehouse: Fat Tubby attempts to lure again, but misses this time, and takes some damage. After a sufficient amount of difficulty, he finally uses a foghorn to quickly finish.

West Silo: Fat Tubby uses one pair of Hypno Goggles and takes out the Cogs easily.

East Silo: Using a Sound and Drop combo, Fat Tubby saves his two pairs of Hypno Goggles for the Foreman in case one misses.

Pipe Room: Using a variation of attacks, Fat Tubby successfully eliminates the Cogs in the Pipe Room. He then grabs the ice cream barrel at Stomper Alley to get his Laff up to 79.

Duct Room: Fat Tubby easily defeats all three Cogs with two Elephant Trunks.

Lava Room: Using smart tactics, Fat Tubby gets into the room and grabs a few barrels to replenish his gags and continues his quest.

Oil Room: After running out of magnets and being reduced to just 40 Laff, Fat Tubby is able to blast through with sound.

Central Silo Control Room: Fat Tubby uses a Hypno Goggles (which work), then defeats all four Cogs with three Birthday Cakes and a Storm Cloud.

This table shows Fat Tubby's stats at the time.
Name Laff Rewards Fat Tubby 114 74 Lure points, 74 Sound Points, all the rest is cut