In his first lesson, Coach Z covers some important topics in Cog battling, shown from a Factory run with Bear With Me. The battle starts out rough when two of the four Toons on the team don't have full Laff, and the lowest Laff member of the group thinking he knows his way around the Factory. The run continues through the Gear Room to the Warehouse, where Bear With Me waits for the other three players, who had gone to the Paint Mixer to get more gags. All three then get to the Warehouse, but due to poor actions, the lowest Laff Toon, a blue duck, goes sad. Once the final three Toons get to the Center Silo Control Room, one of Bear With Me's remaining two teammates makes another bad decision, undoing a Toon-up he and his other teammate did. In the end, Bear With Me survived, but Coach Z said that there were so many mistakes in the Factory run, that he brought the video to him right away.

Lessons: Toon-up and gag up before battle, throw a gag every round, and don't say "I need a Toon-up." in battle.

The following table shows the Toons that were in the Factory.
Name Laff Notes
Bear With Me 52 Coach Z's Helper
Sammie 27 Blue duck, went sad in the Warehouse
Madi 58 Cat in a red dress, showed up hurt, seems to be developing Trap
Brittany 47 Pink cat with a pink dress, showed up hurt, constantly passes

Starring: Bear With Me

Cameos: Sammie, Madi, Brittany, Fat Peanut Picklepop


This is the second of Coach Z's 48 videos(Not Including Streams).

This is the first Bear With Me video.

The video is 5 minutes 49 seconds long and has gotten over 100,000 views.

Fat Peanut Picklepop recorded this video.