The Coach Z Uber Squad consists of three Toons that are currently working their gags. All three of them are particularly low Laff and high gags, as an uber would have. The three members of the Uber Squad are: Bear With Me, Dipper, and Applesauce.

The following table shows some basic info about the Uber Squad.
Name Laff Gag Tracks Type of Uber Notes
Bear With Me 34

Throw, Squirt, Sound, Lure

4 Gag One of Coach Z's original helpers.
Dipper 25

Throw, Squirt, Sound

3 Gag First appeared in Coach Z Meets His New Recruit
Applesauce 15 Throw, Squirt 2 Gag Only member that didn't appear in a video other than the Uber Squad video.

Bear With Me has organic Lure, Dipper organic Sound, and Applesauce organic Squirt (though according to Coach Z, he might switch to Throw). Applesauce has actually been seen on Loopy Harbor working his gags.


Bear With Me was the only member of the Uber Squad that was one of Coach Z's original recruits. The Coach said he was a former uber as well.

Dipper has the same three gag tracks that the old Bear With Me maxed out: Throw, Squirt, and Sound.

Ironically, both of these Toons are bears.

Applesauce was the only Toon that made a debut in the Uber Squad video, and is the only one of Coach Z's helpers that is a pig (unless Silent Joe is a pig, though some evidence shows he may be a duck).